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Wake Up to Your Divinely Inspired Health

By Veena Singla

Life is a song. Sing it! Far too often, we miss the moment because we lack the
courage to sing the song that lies within us.

Sometimes that song is a harmonious melody
waiting to emerge. Other times it’s a cacophony of different instruments reflective of our steep
challenges. These challenges—the stops, twists, and turns of life—are what make our
experiences on earth fascinating and rewarding. As I look back on the health challenges in my
life, I now see them as divinely inspired wake-up calls that helped me foster a healthier mindset
and lifestyle for myself and others around me.
Having grown up in the 1950s in northern India, the early years of my life were carefree
and simple. We lived in a large house with plenty of land, climbed our trees, plucked fruits, and
grew a vegetable garden. Homecooked meals were prepared daily. The concept of eating out
didn’t exist. We played around the house, visited cousins, and often went to the mountains
during the summer

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Expressions of Book Readers!

The Best Book of 2021
Kellie Morlock

Kellie Morlock

After skimming through this promising book & reading just a few chapters, I’m already feeling more empowered & healthy!!

The bite sized chapters on a variety of women’s experiences reclaiming their personal power & well being are inspiring, easily digested and I look forward to going deeper on my healing journey with these insightful guides.

A virtual smorgasbord of soul-healing solutions & recipes for wellness - dive in and thrive!!!skyrocketed! I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! I couldn't have asked for more than this."



This is a wonderful and uplifting book! It's kind of like a cross between chicken soup for the soul and a workbook on how to find the parts of ourselves that are holding us back and learned how to move beyond that hurdle.

I like that each story is bite-sized. If people get overwhelmed with self-help stuff or with stories that are people's personal journeys... This book is excellent because you can just read one at a time and not get overwhelmed 💜

This book is an excellent way to also not feel alone in the world with our struggles.

I highly recommend this book too anyone who wants to find a deeper sense of peace in this world within themselves 💜



This collection of stories, lessons, and memories is absolutely inspiring on so many levels! If you're looking for a bright light in your life, scoop up a copy of this book.

These stories will uplift you, bring up deep emotions, and inspire you to move towards living the beautiful, full life you were meant to live!

Sending deep gratitude to all of the contributing authors.

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